2010 in song, month by month


I’ve never been one for making new year’s resolutions, but I like setting challenges/goals for myself. Recently I’ve been inspired by Andrew Dubber‘s 12 x 30 project where he does 12 things for 30 days each during 2010. (Dubber’s February project is especially cool.)

In a similar spirit, I’ve set myself a musical challenge for 2010:

Write, record and release a new song within each calendar month of 2010

The ground rules I’ve set for myself are:

  1. each song must be started from scratch within a calendar month,
  2. each song must be recorded and released (via oxtoby.bandcamp.com) within the same calendar month in which it was started.

The resulting collection of twelve songs will be combined into an album available for free/donation from oxtoby.bandcamp.com. I’m hopeful that the songs will combine to reflect my 2010 in song: telling my year’s story month-by-month. Hence, I’ve already got a title for the album: “Meus Annus 2010: Mensis Per Mensis” (“My Year 2010: Month By Month”).

For those interested in following me on this songwriting journey, you can either follow me on Twitter, or join my mailing list (by downloading one of my songs for free from oxtoby.bandcamp.com – you’ll be prompted for your email address, which will only ever be used to contact you with news from OxtobyMusic.com).

Happy 2010!