I’m a big fan of Pearl Jam. So, as my contribution to their 20th Anniversary celebration, I recorded covers of 20 Pearl Jam songs. The videos are available on YouTube (see below). I started this in May & completed it on September 20, 2011.

Here are the songs I recorded (album in parentheses), with the YouTube playlist beneath:
1. Rearviewmirror (Vs.)
2. Soon forget (Binaural)
3. Better Man (Vitalogy)
4. State of Love and Trust (“Singles” soundtrack)
5. Immortality (Vitalogy) – live from my hotel room in Chicago
6. Black (Ten)
7. Daughter (Vs.)
8. Small Town (Vs.)
9. Indifference (Vs.)
10. Do The Evolution (Yield)
11. Untitled / M.F.C. (Yield) – in the back of a car
12. Even Flow (Ten) – live in Liverpool
13. Yellow Ledbetter (Jeremy single)
14. Force of Nature (Backspacer)
15. I Am Mine (Riot Act)
16. Light Years (Binaural)
17. Present Tense (No Code)
18. I Got Id (Merkin Ball)
19. Marker In The Sand (Pearl Jam)
20. The End (Backspacer)
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