2007 Setlists

Setlists from performances in 2007.
Most of these were during open mic night Tuesday at The Boot in St Albans, England. Others are noted.
Hold your mouse over a song for more information.

Original songs are in bold.

Stats for 2007:

  • 90 song performances
  • 69 unique songs performed (77 per cent)
  • 14 performances of my original songs (16 per cent: 1 original for every 6 or 7 covers)
  • Most covered band: Crowded House (14 times)
  • Most performed songs: How am I supposed to believe?, Fall at your feet (4 times each)

10 July –
Fall at your feet;
How am I supposed to believe?;
The Midnight Special

17 July [2 sets] –
Weather with you [birthday request];
The morning after;
Daughter/Another brick in the wall part 2;
Distant sun [with Paul Watson]

31 July –
How to save a life;
I won’t back down;
It’s only natural;
Don’t look back in anger

14 August –
Really, really;
Hungry heart;
How am I supposed to believe?;
How far we’ve come;
Fall at your feet;
I saw her standing there

19 August [The Horn, St Albans] –
Rockin’ in the free world;

21 August –
Grace [for the landlord Will];
Really, really;
How far we’ve come;
Four seasons in one day;
Harder to breathe;
Stand by me

11 September
The star spangled banner [solo harmonica];
Rockin’ in the free world [with Bill Johnson on backup vocals];
Mean to me;
Proud Mary

18 September [Chris Stobart’s farewell] –
I got you;
Little deuce coupe

2 October –
Throw your arms around me;
How am I supposed to believe?;
Money (that’s what I want);
Distant sun [request]

9 October [John Lennon’s birthday] –
Stand by me;
All that I need;

23 October –
Don’t look back in anger

13 November –
Hold my hand;
Dancing in the dark;
She called up;
Sick of talking;
Here without you;
All torn down

20 November –
Maybe I’m wrong;
Norwegian Wood;
Four seasons in one day;
I’m not crying over you;
Really, really;
Cryin’ shame;
Stuck in the middle;
Bad moon rising [encore]

27 November [2 sets] –
1. Nails in my feet;
Nursery rhyme blues;
One after 909;
Beast of burden;
2. Fall at your feet;
Rockin’ all over the world;
How am I supposed to believe?;
Rockin’ in the free world;
Tip of my tongue

4 December –
Weather with you [duet with Mike Williams];
Bad boy;
She’s electric

18 December [Xmas theme, 2 sets] –
Solo set 1: If you’re gone;
Winter wonderland;
Don’t believe in Christmas;
Don’t need love;
Happy Xmas (War is over) [with Chris Stobart];
Kansas City/Hey, hey, hey, hey!;
Jam set 2 with Mike (keys) and Olly (cajon): Fall at your feet;
Johnny B. Goode;
Steal my kisses;
Stir it up;
Don’t look back in anger