2008 Setlists

Setlists from performances in 2008.
Most of these were during open mic night Tuesday at The Boot in St Albans, England. Others are noted.
Hold your mouse over a song for more information.

Original songs are in bold.

Stats for 2008:

  • 216 song performances [approximately]
  • 138 unique songs performed (64 per cent)
  • 25 performances of original songs (11.6 per cent: 1 original for every 7 covers)
  • Most covered band: Crowded House (27 times)
  • Most performed song: I saw her standing there (10 times)

15 January –
Private universe;
Rodeo clowns;
3am [for Aunty Mary];
How am I supposed to believe?;
Little Sister;
Hotel California;

22 January –
Tip of my tongue;
Somebody else;
Look what you’ve done;
Freight train;
Throw your arms around me;
Mean to me;
Heartache tonight;
(Come as you are)-> The Midnight Special;

29 January –
It’s only natural;
Save tonight;
Shake a tail feather [with drummer Dave Morgan]

5 February [2 sets] –
1. Real World;
Eyes to the ground;
Holy Grail;
The kids are alright;
2. I saw her standing there;
Day tripper;
Now we’re getting somewhere

12 February [after rugby training] –
High and dry [backup vocals only]

11 March –
You can’t do that;
Our love goes deeper;
I got you [request];
How am I supposed to believe?;
Last kiss;
The Fields of Athenry;
Now! => Two;
Better be home soon

25 March –
You’ve got to hide your love away;
Soldier of love;
Ultraviolet (Baby, light my way);
Mr. Jones;

1 April –
How far we’ve come;
Our love goes deeper

15 April –
The night I called the old man out;
Selling the drama;
Long Tall Sally

6 May [2 sets] –
1. Indifference;
Really, really;
I saw her standing there;
All along the watchtower;
2. Run around;
Down Under

13 May [2 sets] –
1. She will be loved;
Small town;
Bad boy;
2. This is how a heart breaks;

27 May [return of Dom from the Macmillan March] –
Ooh, la la;
Fall at your feet [for Dom];
How far we’ve come [for Dom];
You don’t treat me no good;
Our love goes deeper;
Four seasons in one day [for Dom]

30 May [at Berkhamsted Town Hall – Macmillan March celebration] –
How far we’ve come;
Four seasons in one day;
I saw her standing there;
Fall at your feet;
Roll over Beethoven

3 June –
Light surrounding you [for Mark];
Turn the page [for The Moose];
Hungry heart [for Catherine];
The sick note [forgot half of the words];
I’m a believer;

10 June [1 year since I moved to the U.K.; 3 sets] –
1. When the heartache ends;
Down Under;
Dancing in the dark;
Norwegian Wood;
The sick note;
2. Really, really;
Rockin’ in the free world;
Fall at your feet;
3. You are my sunshine [harmony with Paul Watson]

1 July –
1. How far we’ve come;
Born to run;
La bamba / Twist & Shout / Stairway to heaven (coda);
Lookin’ out my back door;
Shake a tail feather [with Adam Gorski on harmony];
Long tall Sally / Roll over Beethoven;
Betterman / Save it for later;
2. Steal my kisses [harmony with Adam]

8 July –
Don’t stop now;
Hate (I really, really don’t like you);
Something so strong;
Lonely no more;
End of the line;
Never tear us apart;
Angel of Harlem;
Distant sun

29 July –
Don’t stop now;
To her door;
Wish you well;
Why does love do this to me?;
Flame trees

5 August –
Private universe;
Throw your arms around me;
Mysterious ways;
Second solution;
Down Under;

12 August –
I saw her standing there;
It’s only natural;
Flame trees

19 August –
Second solution;
Really, really;
Good old-fashioned lover boy;
Let her cry;
Rockin’ in the free world;
Lookin’ out my back door

26 August –
The morning after;
I saw her standing there;
Now we’re getting somewhere;
She’s electric;
Until the end of the world;
The fox;
Really, really;
Better be home soon

2 September –
Honky-tonk woman;
Down Under;
Lay down Sally;
Don’t look back in anger;
500 miles

7 September [with The Febs @ The Manly Hotel, Qld, Australia] –
Wish you well;
Don’t look back in anger;
Mean to me;
Bad moon rising

30 September –
World where you live;
How to save a life;
Real world;
Let her cry [request];
She will be loved

7 October – This is how a heart breaks;
Wake up call;
Beautiful day;
Money (that’s what I want);
Distant Sun [with Paul Watson]

14 October –
Hungry Heart*;
Weather with you**
* with Owen Roberts on harmonies while sitting in the crowd
** with Paul Stewart and friends (full band)

21 October –
The easiest secret to keep;
Losing my religion;
Down Under;
[encore] Don’t look back in anger

28 October –
1. Stuck in the middle with you;
Really, really;
2. [with Adam and Dave] Johnny B. Goode;
The Devil went down to Georgia;
Twist & Shout / La Bamba

9 November [The Horn, St. Albans] –
The morning after;
How far we’ve come

11 November –
1. Last kiss;
Summer of ‘69;
All summer long;
2. Won’t back down;
3. Creep;
4. Black [request];
5. [with Dave Allison from The Echos]
Don’t look back in anger;
American Pie;
6. Release [request];
Nursery Rhyme Blues [request];
I saw her standing there;
Johnny B. Goode

16 November [The Horn, St. Albans] –
Really, really;
How am I supposed to believe?;
Running home (in pieces);

16 December –
1. I saw her standing there;
Summer of ‘69;
Fall at your feet*;
Little deuce coupe*;
Four seasons in one day*;
Don’t believe in Christmas;
2. Weather with you [with band];
Wonderwall [with band]
* with unplanned harmonies from Owen Roberts and friend

23 December –
1. [I can’t remember the songs I played in the first set and I didn’t write them down];
2. [with Ed and Mike from The Swanvesta Social Club, and Trevor “TNT” Thomas]
Shake your money maker;
Shake a tail feather;
[encore] Walkin’ the dog

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